To get the most out of your radio communications equipment, you need to ensure a clear channel and that you're operating within the ACMA guidelines.

Frequency Plus will provide you with information and advice based on the most up to date developments and frequency assignment information. Frequency Plus provide guidance through licensing options, band plans, and ACMA information. We will ensure that your frequency is unencumbered and clear.

Frequency assignment services provided include:

  • ACMA licensing
  • Spectrum analysis
  • Intermod assessment
  • Frequency assignment
    • Land Mobile System
    • Ambulatory System
    • Point to Multi-Point
    • Fixed link
    • Paging System
    • CB Repeater

Frequency Plus provides a prompt, efficient and stress free service experience. All frequency assignments are electronically lodged directly into the ACMA database. Frequency Plus use only the most current ACMA RADCOM database and utilise specialised tools to process the RADCOM data.

All Frequency Plus assigners are accredited by Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to provide services including frequency coordination and emission level management.

Please contact Frequency Plus for all your frequency assignment needs.