Frequency Plus has invested heavily, in cutting edge Geographic Information System software, to provide the most accurate coverage predictions we have ever been able to provide.

Using combined land coverage and terrain/height data, a mathematical model is used to accurately predict the received field strength at all points surrounding a transmitter site.

We have Australia-wide, fine-grain, terrain data. This gives us the ability to produce Radio Frequency coverage analysis for a single site, or an entire network; anywhere in Australia.

The field strength contours are usually set at 10, 2 and 0.5 uV. All RF, and presentation, parameters can be customised to your particular needs.

Coverage predictions are excellent for:

  • adding to tenders or quotes
  • troubleshooting coverage issues
  • choosing between multiple potential sites

We present the predicted field strength as a Google Earth file for easy viewing and importing into other software packages. Other formats are available on request.