Are you seeking to operate radio communications services for a few weeks at a site and then move to another?

Then an area wide licence may be just what you need.

An Area Wide Licence authorises short term operations at unspecified locations within a designated geographic area.

What’s the catch?

  • Can’t cause any interference, has no protection from interference.
  • Can only be in one place for 4 weeks. If you are staying for longer you will need a sited licence.

Is there a restriction on power?

Yes. A maximum of 8.3W radiated in High and Medium density areas. Up to 83W in Low and Remote density areas. For more information on density areas see here.

Can I have whatever frequency I want?

No, the ACMA has a table of available frequencies for UHF, VHF-high and for DGPS operation.

They can be found in Frequency Assignment Practice FAP1 and FAP2. Frequency assignment practices can be viewed here.

What’s the cost?

The licence fee is based on:

  • Area of operation
  • Bandwidth
  • Power
Below is a list of the areas of operation available to licence for area-wide use.

Area IDName
1Australia Wide
2New South Wales
5South Australia
6Western Australia
8Northern Territory
10Norfolk Island
11Cocos/Keeling Island
12Christmas Island
16Macquarie Island
17Heard Island
18Australian Capital Territory
36Lord Howe Island
68Brisbane/Gold Coast HD
69Newcastle MD
70Sydney Wollongong HD
71Melbourne/Geelong HD
72Adelaide MD
73Perth MD
74Low and Remote Density Areas
75Remote Density Area
76Low Density Areas

For more information:

FAP1 Area wide land mobile services used for voice communications or low duty cycle data applications.

FAP2 Area Wide DPGS and high data applications.

ACMA fees and Density Area.