Any ACMA Licence Application is a legal document lodged with the Australian government. As such, we must make sure that the information provided is as accurate as possible.

The Land Mobile apparatus licence form is required for all new Land Mobile System (LMS) applications. in this article, we will go through the information required to properly complete the LANDMOBILE1 form. 

(A) Application Type & (B) Licence Details 

If your unsure of your licence type please leave blank.

  • New Service (New licence)
  • Variation to an existing Licence
    • Changes to a licence
    • Relocation
    • Frequency range
    • Bandwidth and power

 For variations, a Licence number and authorisation must be provided by the client.

Example of an authorisation:

Company - On behalf of your client  " Please see below an email from our client requesting us to act on their behalf to do a variation to their licence number 123456/7."

Licensee - If the request is coming from the licensee, no further authorisation is required.

Please note: Variations cannot occur within six weeks of the date of expiry. You can check the date of expiry on the ACMA RRL

(C) Application Details  

For existing clients

If you have an existing client number, enter it into the customer number field. Please check that all information is up-to-date by checking them on the ACMA RRL.

Information required:

For a Person (individual) 

    • Enter Name
    • Entity type
    • Contact details and Postal Address.

For a Company or Body Corp

    • Enter the organisation name
    • ABN or ACN
    • Contact details and Postal Address.

Entity Type - The legal entity the licence is to be held by

  The ACMA requires a licence to be held by:

  • a person (individual)
  • a Company
  • a Body Corp

 ACMA does not allow Trust or Trustee to hold a licence

You can check what entity your ABN is by searching it into the ABN Register.


(D) Licence Details 

Licences are usually issued for a period of 1 year. You can specify a common expiry date. If you want your licences to end on a particular date enter it here.

Contacting Clients About Renewals

ACMA will contact the licensee approximately 30 days before the licence is due to expire. 

The ACMA prefers to send renewals via email. It helps to provide a group email to avoid renewals being sent to someone who no longer works for your company.

Alternatively, the licence renewal can be sent via regular post. ACMA will only send renewals via one method or the other.

(F) Service Details


(1) Simplex - One Frequency

e.g.: Portables, hand-helds

(2) Duplex - Two Frequencies

e.g.: Base station, Repeater

Description of service:

Eg:1 x LMS, Crane, on-site comms, or any other information you think will help us coordinate.


If you have a particular call sign please enter it here.

Callsign are commonly used for CB, amateur and ship stations

(G) Station Details 

Site ID  - If you are using an existing ACMA site, enter it here.

To find the site ID of an existing site, search the ACMA RRL.

Area ID - for area-wide services 

  •  E.G: Australia Wide, Low and Remote.
  •  E.G: Queensland Wide, Victoria Wide.

The area ID table is on page 5 of the application form.

Site address & coordination

Enter coordinates if available. Otherwise, put the address into the site address field.

If you require further information on getting accurate coordinates, see our tutorial video. 

(I) Spectrum Details 

Operating Frequency: 

If you have a  specific frequency you would like to licence, please state here.

Tuning Range of equipment: 

The frequency range that the equipment can be programmed / tuned to.

Transmission Characteristics:

  • Transmitter Power:  Eg 5w or low power - 50W or High Power 
  • Radiated Power:  Tx power + gain - loss
  • Bandwidth: Eg  12.5kHz, 6.25kHz 

Fill in any known details.

(J) Equipment Details 

Operating Mode

  • Transmitter - Transmit only
  • Transceiver - Tx &  Rx
  • Receive - Rx only 

Antenna Details

Enter antenna manufacturer/model or antenna ID.

(K) Declaration

Read the declaration and sign where appropriate. 

The left-hand side is for the licensee to sign. 

The right-hand side is for agent or representation of licensee to sign.

If you have any other questions or queries, do not hesitate to contact us.