A tutorial on how to find the density area, given a particular location. This will help in the determination of licencing costs.

Link to Density Areas KMZ overlay: ACMA

Google Earth:

Hi, I’m Mel, from frequency plus and today I’ll be doing a quick video tutorial on how to determine the licence area density.
I’ve put the links, in the description to google earth online and the KML file from the ACMA website.
This is what you’ll be presented with when you open the google earth website.
Firstly, you’ll need to enable the KML file import and save
Open ‘My Places’, import the KML file and save
The ‘spectrum density areas’ overlay should appear and from here we can determine the density area of the proposed location.
Red being high, dark Blue being Medium and Light blue being low.
Anything else is considered Remote density areas.
Close ‘My Places’ and begin your search.
As we come into Brisbane city, you can see this is a high-density area by the red colouring.
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